Onepager uses a login technology powered by Magic.Link which allows for future-proof password-less account management. 

For our users this means each login must be tied to an active email address. 

You can login to your account here:

From here put in your email address associated with your account.

Once you put in your email address you will see a popup that will tell you to check your email inbox. We will send you a link that will log you in on the same tab.

Important: try not to close the tab you first logged in. 

You will get an email with subject line like this:

Inside the email you will have 20 minutes to click the button before the link expires.

Once you click the button it will open a new tab in your web browser instructing to check the first tab to be logged in. 

You are free to close the extra tab after successful login.

This process is meant to be easy, fast and offer your account more protection.