You can open the Onepager Builder at any time and make changes that will take affect immediately once saved. 

Inside of the Onepager Builder you can add Interactive and Non-Interactive sections onto the Grid based layout. 

Just click and drag your mouse across the grid to select a spot to put down sections.

If at any time you make a mistake or want to undo changes you can use the Undo and Redo option inside of the toolbar. 

Mobile Order

You can use the mobile order panel to change how the sections will appear on a mobile phone. The Grid will be display in a single column on all mobile phones.


You can add the Company or Author Name, Tagline or Photo to your Onepager which will appear inside of the Header. You can upload your photo and have it appear inside of your Image Library. 

Video & Image Cover

You can upload an image or use the UnSplash search feature to find the perfect image to display inside of your Onepager header. 

You can also show a video rather than an image. You can just put in a link to your YouTube, Vimeo, or other video link. You can also show a Play Button which will combine the Image feature with the Video feature. Once the button is clicked the image will disappear and the video start playing.

Pop Up

You can also have a explainer popup to provide more context to your visitors about your Onepager. You can use the Rich Text editor to add content. Edit the Title, Sub Title and more to provide the perfect popup explainer for your visitors.

Save and Preview

You can save your changes at any time and the changes will take affect immediately. You can click the farthest right button inside the top toolbar to Preview the page as your build out your Onepager.

More Help

You can explore the articles inside the knowledge base to find out how to use specific details of the Onepager Builder. If you have any suggestions, find any bugs or want to provide your feedback please use the Help button in the lower right inside of your Onepager account to connect with our support team. We'd love to hear what you have to say!